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Adom Manor Care Home

A Residential Care Facility for the Elderly

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Welcome Home at Adom Manor Care Home

Our senior living experience is a stress-free home for your dearest of loved ones. Here at Adom Manor Care Home, we pride ourselves with daily upkeep of our clean and comfortable home. Our friendly personnel are here to ensure that our residents enjoy a safe, healthy residential experience.

Located within a quiet, clean, and friendly neighborhood, with multiple rooms - from spacious solo to common areas, we have a unique layout that is sure to make you or your loved one feel at home. Adom Manor Care Home care home experience removes the hardships faced when living on your own. Our license allows us to care for no more than six beloved residents at once that we help care for and support.


Our Philosophies: We believe in treating every individual with compassion, dignity, and respect. We allow and encourage our residents to be as independent as possible yet are there for whatever they may need.

Our Mission: We aim to provide the finest assisted-living experience there is for our residents.


May you have peace of mind in knowing your family member or loved one is well taken care of at Adom Manor Care Home.

For additional information regarding our home or our services, click on the “Schedule A Tour” button or call +1 707-703-9692 to schedule your visit today!

What Our Clients Say

"We wished all of our care home operators were as detail in communicating with clients info with medical professionals as you are."

Sutter Grove Medical

“I want to thank you both for the tender, loving care you gave my Mom during her final years. It mean so much to her, to me and my family!”


"The absolute perfect location (close to town) for us to see my mother as often as possible.  she is also very happy with the activities offered."

Bob and Sue

"My sister and I are so glad that we decided to place our mother.  She is extremely comfortable, and gets to live a healthy and her best quality of life."

Alex and Liz

"The facility is Adom Manor care and the woman who runs it is Eva Karikari and she is incredible!! She actually takes shifts there even at night to see how things are going. She's definitely a treasure to the healthcare community. She's worked at a SNF and before my mother-in-law went over, she came to the SNF to introduce herself so she wouldn't be a complete stranger. This is only one of the many things she's done! Thought I'd share this photo since I just adore it. My husband and our daughter. Just took my mother in law's face, she was ecstatic with all the attention."

Ms. Kuba

"The family would like to express our deepest gratitude and special thank you to Eva Karikari and her staff at the Adom Manor Care Home who provided loving care to Marlene where she spent her final weeks."

Eynon Family

"To simply say thanks isn't enough! You made Rose's time with you a home away from home. We all are indebted to you for your selfless caring and attention to her. ❤️❤️"

Kuba Family

"Moving my mom from a large facility into Adom Manor is the best decision we could have made for her. Within a week my mom was looking healthier than she'd looked in a year. Eva and her caregivers are kind and so very patient. The meals always smell and look delicious."

Therese Gallagher