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Welcome Home to Adom Manor Care Home

This facility is designated to meet the primary needs of the growing population who are unable to function totally independently in their own home environment. We are non-medical facility and we work with local Hospitals & physicians. The goal of this facility is to maintain an environment free from restrictions as much as possible while assuring the greatest degree of dignity & respect to all residents. We therefore set our goal in the establishment of a home with an atmosphere of acceptance and warmth both physically and emotionally – a community of compatible adults. Every effort will be made to encourage residents to continue functioning as integrated members of the community and to maintain their personal interests, hobbies, friends, and activities. The philosophy of this facility is to make sure residents do not become isolated from loved ones or from activities of personal interest that define who they are. While we respect privacy, we will, at the same time, encourage residents to willingly accept the care and assistance offered by the staff of the facility

Our Administrator

Our administrator, Eva Karikari, has been caring for the elderly for over 20 years in Sonoma County. 


Eva holds an RCFE certificate and is a hands on Administrator at Adom Manor Care Home. Eva worked at a local skilled nursing facility for 12 plus years as a Social Service Director and Discharge Planner. This enable her to engaged with local doctors such as (Dr. Hurwitz & Dr. Muranchian) and families. She worked shoulder to shoulders with them in order to ensure that patient's transition back into the Community is smooth and safe. This approach helps to avoid hospital re-admission. She is trained and experienced with dementia care and end-of-life care.   

Eva lives 15 minutes away from Adom Manor with her husband Ebenezer & her five amazing children, Joel, Micah, Jael & twin daughters Hazel and Harper. She enjoys watching her kids develop and skill sets that they can contribute into the Community. She enjoys seeing and bringing the best out of her residents. Lastly, her and her staff enjoys making the house smell good with bake goods such as breads and fresh batches cookies. 

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